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Who are we?

PCplanner is being conducted by the ProSPER study team at Duke University:  Chris, Catherine, Allie, Raha, and Monica.  We are interested in helping people recover faster–and more completely.  Sharron Docherty, David Casarett, Andy Mumm, Raquel Bartz, Krista Haines, Yasmin O’Keefe, and Rob Harrison are not shown (yet).

To learn more about the ProSPER study group’s research either click here to see our website, email us, or follow the team on Twitter.  Chris is also on Twitter.

This is Sharron Docherty, a co-PI on the PCplanner study.  Learn more about her by clicking here.  She is also on Twitter.








The PCplanner study is funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.   More details are available at